How to launch an online boutique in 2022?

How to launch an online boutique in 2022?

Have you ever wondered how others are living the life of YOUR dreams while you're stuck at a 9-to-5 that drains all of your energy and leave you empty and unfulfilled? 

You feel stuck and don't know what to do next. You know you want to change your life but don't know how and where to start. 

You're scared to take the leap. What if it doesn't work out? What if you fail? What if everyone laughs at you? What if you end up broke?What if...

More than 4 years ago we found ourselves in the exact same desperate situation, asking the exact same questions. 

We wanted a life of freedom
We wanted to control our time
We wanted to follow our dreams
We wanted to be our own boss
We wanted to create value
We wanted to make an impact
And we wanted financial freedom

We are here today to tell you that we understand your pain, your challenges.

We know what it feels like to stand at the crossroads not knowing where to go next.

We know how scary it is. And that's why we are here to hold your hand through this crazy roller coaster ride. 

Trust us, this is worth it!

You will challenge yourself in a million different ways. You will fall and get up and fall again and always get up. Stronger, more powerful and more determined to win!


  • We knew we were ready to take control of our lives
  • We had the courage to step into the unknown
  • We put our own desires above anyone else's
  • We followed our heart
  • We weren't afraid to fail
  • We were eager to learn and grow
  • We knew there is no giving up
  • We went all in

If you are ready to finally turn your life upside down and chase your wildest dreams, let's begin!


If you want to control your own life, have financial freedom and like many of us, travel full time, starting an online business is most probably the best solution.

  • Work from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and wifi
  • E-Commerce is booming. The industry is growing (especially during the pandemic) and you need to get a slice of the cake
  • Small start-up capital. You can start with as little as $200 and grow it to a 6 figure business

Roadmap to Success

It may sound overwhelming but we will guide you step by step, no worries!

Step 1: Find your target market
Step 2: Find products to sell to that target market
Step 3: Find trustworthy suppliers
Step 4: Create an online store on Shopify
Step 5: Marketing



Find a group of people that has a specific problem, hobby, passion or one that resonates with a specific topic. Example: people practicing yoga. 

Analyze this group. 

What are their pain points?
What are they passionate about?
What type of products or services do they use regularly?


After having analyzed this specific group of people you will begin forming a better picture of the type of products you could cater to their needs. Your research could include checking Google Trends, Amazon bestsellers, Instagram trends etc. Please don't go searching for "winning products", this strategy is short term, you want to build a brand. So choose products carefully. 


So you came up with different product ideas, but where do you find people who can produce these products for you? 


Now it's time to talk about dropshipping. 
Dropshipping allows you to sell products without actually purchasing and storing them.
Let's say you'd like to sell yoga inspired products. This could be a t-shirt with an inspirational quote. Or this could be yoga pants. We always recommend to find suppliers in USA or Europe that agree to work on a dropshipping basis.

You could also consider Print-on-demand companies like Printful. Such companies print your unique designs on various products like t-shirts, mugs, pillow cases, curtains etc. This means that your products will be unique. 

So, let's say you decided to sell t-shirts as we mentioned before.

How do you start selling them?
Do you have to contact suppliers?
How to automate your business? 

Shopify offers various apps that allow you to connect with your suppliers. One of the most popular ones is Oberlo. If you're using Printful, it automatically connects to your Shopify store (just install the Printful app). Every time you receive an order, it automatically passes on to your supplier and he fulfills it.


Now that you've finalized what you'd like to offer your customers, it's time to build an online store. 

Register on Shopify, choose a theme and start designing your shop. Make it simple, yet consistent with the overall branding and story. 

Connect your store to suppliers (through the Shopify App store). Write product descriptions. 

Integrate a payment gateway and don't forget to make a test sale. 

You don't need to have any kind of coding skills to design a store on Shopify. But if you are confused in regards to what kind of design to create, we advise to check our your competitors' website, for inspirational purposes. Don't copy everything. You can also contact us and our team will design a professional store for you and integrate it with suppliers from USA with 3-7 day shipping times. 

Your online store is a reflection of your brand story and what you stand for. It has to showcase your personality and values. Pay attention to colors, fonts and tone of voice.

What we recommend is, create an inspiration board (you can use Pinterest). What kind of colors would you like to use? Fonts? What is the mood you'd like to portray to your ideal customer?


Now, it's time to bring in traffic. There are tons of methods to drive potential customers to your store. 

Paid: Facebook and Google ads, Instagram ads and Influencer Marketing
Free: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Groups. 
We have also created a "no ad spend" funnel that we teach in one of our courses. 

Regardless of which marketing channel you end up choosing, always remember that your message should be consistent with your brand story. Your marketing creatives need to emphasize your brand concept. You shouldn't use a yellow color on a facebook ad just because you think it will draw attention if your brand colors are beige, blush and white. Your creative needs to be aligned with your branded colors, fonts, tone of voice and of course, your mission. 


As the orders start coming in, you need to fulfill them directly through the supplier app that you're using. Before the supplier can fulfill the order, you need to pay him for the cost of the product. Once the supplier receives the payment, he prepares and ships the products. 

Just like in any type of business you will also come across unsatisfied customers. Don't take it personally. Some customers will love your product, some will ask for a refund. Ensure you have your refund policy in place before you start marketing your store.

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