Quit your 9-to-5 now and live a life of freedom!

Quit your 9-to-5 now and live a life of freedom!

Hey! We’re Firuza and Ramin and today we want to share our story and show you how you can pursue your dream of traveling full time!

We met more than 5 years ago and right from the start realized we will be more than just partners in life- but partners in business too. After working in the corporate world that wasn’t serving our goals for many many years, we decided to risk it all. Our pursuit of freedom was the driving force that pushed us to quit and start our own business. We knew right from the start we wanted an online business to give us the freedom to work from anywhere and the first business we started was on Amazon. However, we failed or at least that’s what many can call it, for us it was a lesson, an experience that lead us to creating our own e-commerce business. We launched our t-shirt brand! At some point we sold that business and started a new one! Both of us are constantly driven towards a better life, better solutions. We’re always learning, growing, evolving and looking for ways to increase our impact. Besides, we then launched online courses (in English and Russian languages) that take you step by step through the process of creating your own e-commerce business. And today we want to share our tips with you!

  • Selling a product online

What can I sell if I am not producing anything?

That’s a common question we get asked.

Have you heard of dropshipping? This model allows you to sell products on your online store without actually purchasing them.

First, you create a website (Shopify is the best platform to do this, but don’t forget to buy a domain name, this will allow you to look more professional). Second, you find suppliers, whose products you can display on your website. Then you integrate your Shopify store and your supplier’s inventory (in most cases this is done through various apps like Oberlo). And you start marketing (the fun part). Every time a customer makes a purchase on your store, you order that product from your supplier (you don’t need to contact the supplier every time, this process usually happens automatically) and he ships it for you. Hence, you don’t need much money to start because you’re not purchasing stock, keeping inventory or shipping products to customers. Everything is done for you by the supplier.

So how do I start?

We always say, think of your customer first. Think of a group of people that might have a problem or passion. Start searching for products that could solve this problem for them or that would resonate with their passion. Always choose a niche first. Testing your product-market fit with dropshipping is pretty easy. You need to make sure your ideal customer will pay for your product. You can do this either by finding your ideal customers and conducting a survey. Or participating in groups on facebook, those specifically related to your niche. Additionally you can quickly decide if your product is in demand by spending up to $50 on Facebook ads. To be honest, we prefer testing without any ad spend.

Where do I find suppliers?

We personally prefer using suppliers located in USA and Europe. You can also work with Print on Demand companies like Printful, that can print your unique design on various products like t-shirts, mugs, pillow cases etc. This way your product is exclusive and you can even print your own logo on those products!

“But I don’t have a unique design”- you will say.

Use services like Fiverr and Upwork to hire a graphic designer that will create unique designs for you. But don’t forget to determine who your ideal customer is so that this design speaks to them!

We always recommend going for a niche that is close to your heart. If you love playing tennis, you know this area well and hence you probably know what problems or hobbies tennis players have. Of course, this is not a must, but it makes things easier.

The good news is, you can get a turnkey online store too! We provide pre-built store, integrated with exclusive suppliers from USA & Canada, loaded with 100+ products. You can read more about it HERE.

  • Selling a service online

After launching our own e-commerce business we realized there are many people both in our own country and in the world that could benefit from our experience and knowledge. So we created online courses where we guide our students step by step through this process.

So if you have a special skill, knowledge in an industry, you can sell it online too! We’ve seen some influencers teach English for instance. This is also an idea that is worth trying.

If you want to sell your knowledge you could you use platforms like Udemy or upload your course on your own website (again you can use Shopify in this case too). The advantage of using your own website is that platforms like Udemy take a large chunk of your revenue. After you create a course you can use Facebook groups to promote it or even create your own (that’s how we do it). Additionally, Pinterest is a great way to drive organic traffic to your website. Creating a YouTube channel could also be a good idea to showcase your expertise (Ramin launched a YouTube channel in April and even with less than 100 subscribers we’ve sold several of our courses).

We’d like to note that in order to sell your knowledge you don’t need to have some extraordinary education or skill. Being one step ahead of someone means you can teach them what you know. It’s crucial to establish yourself as an expert so that people trust you and your knowledge. If you’re a travel influencer you most probably have great photography skills- you could hence launch a photography course. We’ve seen some influencers do that. Selling your own presets is also quite popular. You could also teach how to grow an Instagram account or how to create compelling content. Ideas are infinite. It’s up to you to choose what fits you best.

  • Selling digital products

Creating digital products and selling them on marketplaces like Creative Market is another way to make an income. What type of digital products? Instagram layout templates, fonts, icons etc. For inspiration and ideas take a look at what others are selling on those platforms. Recently we launched our own Instagram Stories Sticker Pack but we decided to sell them on our own website. To drive traffic, for instance, we leverage Pinterest. By the way investing in Pinterest is crucial. We’ve seen enormous growth in 2 months, going from 18K monthly views to more than 300K. And it’s all FREE organic traffic. We might even launch a course about that too. 

If you want financial freedom, you need to realize that the conventional ways won’t work. 9-to-5 might provide you stability and income but it takes away the most important resource we have- our time!

We quit our jobs more than 4 years ago and went all in and since embarking on this journey our life has changed in so many ways! Have we reached our goals yet? Hell no! And there is such a long way ahead of us! But we know one thing – never giving up, being persistent and learning along the way are essential to a life of dreams and freedom!


Ignore what everyone else says. Don’t listen to those who didn’t have the courage to change their lives. If you have a dream, go chase it! One day you will thank yourself for never giving up! One day all the hard work will pay off.

Just remember, you are capable of creating the life you deserve! You are powerful! You are extraordinary! And this world needs you! 

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