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You've probably taken a dozen courses about dropshipping and none of them worked. You know why? Because they taught you how to spend more money on ads.

We have nothing against Facebook or Google, but we know they're the reason you've lost hope and are almost ready to give up! So, here's something that will bring you back into e-commerce!

YES, it's possible to grow your e-commerce business without any paid ads. 

You'll ask how?

In this course we take you step by step through a unique funnel that brings targeted traffic to your website and coverts your visitors into loyal customers. 

▶You learn how to build a story around your niche and product.

▶You create an authentic brand that connects with your customer on a deeper level! 

And you don't need to have your logo printed on your products. 


This full e-commerce guide will teach you how to set up your online store on Shopify, as well as how to launch your own e-commerce business with no ad spend.

▶The main objective of this course is to show you how to launch a business without using any paid ads.

This method will help you grow your brand and create a compelling story. 

You will be surprised how much your customers love your brand! 

In this course we demonstrate how to ensure that every aspect of your business & store is consistent with this no ad spend method & your brand story.

Even if you know how to create a store on Shopify or you already have a store, we will show exactly how to make it relevant to this method.

  • Shopify Store Creation
  • Domain & Free Hosting
  • How to set up an International Bank Account
  • Which Payment Gateway to choose if PayPal and Stripe are not available.
  • Finding the right niche & validating it
  • Finding products that are consistent with your story
  • Adding products to your store (free alternative to Oberlo)
  • Product descriptions & SEO
  • How to create Legal Pages (Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc)
  • Shopify Settings (Notifications, Shipping, Check out processes etc)
  • How to attract quality traffic to your store & achieve high conversions
  • The special software & automating your business
  • Templates needed to run your business
  • Alternative methods to using the above mentioned software
  • Print on Demand for your brand



  • How to make your Instagram account healthy
  • How to make your Instagram account look professional
  • Profit calculation template (for this method) 

This course is taught in English.

Instructions to access the course:
  • After payment you will receive an email with instructions to create an account.
  • Click HERE to access the course to log in (after you create an account)